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Outer layer polyester fabric produces a negative static charge that repel negatively charged viral particles. Inner layer cotton has high absorption properties, and a positive electrostatic charge which absorbs exudes during breathing or sneezing and traps negatively charged viral particles. The tightly constructed and higher GSM material provides the required filtration.
• Soft and Comfortable
• Ergonomic fit
• Nose wire included
• Soft 3 mm elastic strap for ear support

• Outer Liner 100% Micro Polyester
• Inner Liner 100% Woven Cotton

Added options:
• Moisture repellent coatings
• Antibacterial coating

WARNING: MAS+ reusable masks do not function as certified N95 respirators and only offer barrier protection to reduce the transmission of germs. It also works as a protective layer to remind the wearers not to touch their faces that can increase the spread of germs.