Q: What does AAMI stand for?  

A: Association for the Advancement of Medical Instruments 


Q: What are the AAMI levels?  

A: AAMI levels are part of a widely accepted system of classification for protective apparel based on liquid barrier performance. ANSI/ AAMI PB70: 2012 specifies liquid barrier performance and classification of protective clothing intended for use in healthcare facilities 


Q: Are MAS+ AAMI level isolation gowns treated to prevent static build-up?   

A: Yes, the isolation gowns are treated with an anti-static coating to reduce the potential for static build up in the gown 


Q: Do the isolation gowns contain latex?  

A: No, MAS+ products do not contain rubber latex 


Q: What is the material composition of the cuffs on the MAS+ isolation gowns?   

A: 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex Rib knit   


Q: Can I purchase MAS+ products from a distributor, or can I still use the website? 

A: The MAS+ website is available to all Business-to-Business customers to purchase directly from us 


Q: Can I obtain a quote for MAS+ products via the website?   

A: You can request for a price quote via the MAS+ website by using the "ADD TO QUOTE" function in product pages. Select the desired products and add those to generate a sales inquiry and within 3 business days a MAS+ agent will connect with you to offer a quotation and the next steps 


Q: How do I find the right size?    

A: Please refer to the size guide listed alongside the product 


Q: How do I check stock availability?  

A: Please email us at info@masplus.co to check the product availability and other relevant details.   


Q: What are the care instructions for your products? 

A:  MAS+ disposable PPE can be used straight out of the box

However, disposing of the PPE requires strict control and monitoring due to the related risks and hazards. It is best to follow the process and standards proposed by governmental or governing bodies as these disposable products may contain pathogens after usage. 

MAS+ reusable PPE requires the standard sterilization methods as per industry standards   

MAS+ scrubs   

  • Do not iron
  • Wash before use
  • Do not bleach   


    Q: How do I get an itemized receipt?   

    A: An itemized receipt mailed to you upon purchase. If you cannot locate it and need it for future reference, please email us at info@masplus.co, and we will send a copy 


    Q: I am interested in carrying MAS+ at my store or hospital. How can I get the products? 

    A: Please email info@masplus.co, and one of our team members will get in touch with you to discuss the way forward 



    Upon receiving a PO or a sale confirmation, MAS+ will ship the products to you within 30 to 45 days. Please note that the delivery times may vary based on raw material availability and other logistical aspects  

    Note: We do not cover customs charges for international shipments