The largest apparel tech company in South Asia​

- A deep understanding of ​next-to-skin apparel applications​

- Expertise in creating products spanning across the lifestyle, performance, health and industrial spaces

MAS+ is an arm of MAS Holdings, Southeast Asia's largest apparel and textile manufacturer. Backed by decades of experience, MAS specializes in developing next-to-skin solutions in active, intimate, and swim apparel. We bring this wealth of experience and knowledge that allows MAS+ to bring innovations to the medical apparel space that safeguards healthcare workers.

MAS+ specializes in infection control apparel and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is ideal for first responders and frontline workers, especially related to Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). 

Given the COVID-19 pandemic along with HAIs, the health, safety, and protection of frontline workers are vital. MAS+ has created a range of functional and comfortable PPE products in collaboration with governments, doctors, healthcare authorities, engineers, and scientists. In doing so, we have equipped thousands of frontline workers in Sri Lanka who are fighting the COVID-19 battle with PPE that adheres to globally accepted health standards. 

By utilizing our manufacturing expertise, which spans across 16 countries, MAS can design and deliver customized PPE within 4 weeks. We are highly skilled in product development and rapid prototyping while leveraging our global supply chain.

 Creating Shared Value




- 4 week design to delivery

- Agility to pivot on request

- Sustainable and state-of-the-art manufacturing




- Dedicated teams with expertise in material science, textile engineering, garment technology, and industrial engineering

- Rapid prototyping and sample development

- Innovation hub to co-create functional raw materials and products on demand




- Globally integrated supply chain to source materials and delivery of products from FOB to DDP

- Customization of raw materials for special finishes

- International partnerships for greater flexibility




- Development of sustainable products and technologies

- Managing and supplying the biggest brands with MAS patented technologies and products

- Experience in developing fitness and healthcare apparel with next-to-skin innovations 




- In-built knowledge in wearable tech, specialist garments and tech apparel development

- Deep understanding and application of industry and regulatory standards