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By shattering the taboo in one of the oldest and most conventional industries, MAS Holdings, headquartered in Sri Lanka, started off with 24 machines and an investment of $20,000 and is now a USD2 billion enterprise with a continuously growing ecosystem of 53 state-of-the-art facilities across 16 countries with 99,000 employees.

The Origin Story of MAS

Founders of MAS HoldingsIn 1987, three brothers, Mahesh, Ajay and Sharad Amalean pioneered the art of lingerie manufacturing in South Asia, an unconventional product choice at the time. Thereafter, MAS Holdings continued to break barriers and set new standards through cutting-edge partnerships with MAST Industries USA, Triumph Germany and Courtaulds Clothing UK to mention a few.

These strategic partnerships provided MAS access to world class business practices and technology as well as vital access to the global marketplace through brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Nike.

Today, MAS is the largest vendor for Victoria’s Secret, the second largest supplier to Nike and the only seamless manufacturer for Lululemon which is a testament to the vision of Mahesh, Ajay and Sharad Amalean.

I made your clothesAt the core of MAS is its people and MAS is reputed for its ethical and sustainable working environment and continues to be at the forefront of women’s empowerment through its ‘Women Go Beyond’ platform. With women making up 70% of the company’s 99,000 global workforce, MAS Holdings considers it a responsibility to support and empower its female employees from the factory floor to the board room. It is through such work that the Chairman, Mahesh Amalean, was recognized with a UN award for the Cultural Change for Empowerment at the Women’s Empowerment Principles event in 2013.

MAS FacilitiesThis unique blend of manufacturing capability, “new thinking” in people, product and process; together with the ethical and sustainable business practices and skill base, continues to attract premium brands and retailers to partner with MAS.

Over the years, MAS has continuously reinvented its business model to cater to the demands of its customers and of the marketplace. Lean manufacturing principles which is in the core culture of MAS and the innovative nature of MAS’s solution offering led to the birth of Rapid; an innovative business model which enables MAS’s customers to react to consumer demand faster, reduce cost of markdowns and inventory with no compromise on benchmarked quality.

MAS Global Presence

MAS also became the first Sri Lankan apparel manufacturer to expand its business to the Western Hemisphere. MAS ACME was established in Honduras, Central America and MAS Akansyêl in the Caribbean nation of Haiti. Through these locations, MAS is able to co-create and strategize on new products and services with US clients close to home while having an efficient third-party logistics solution.

In addition to its core apparel businesses, MAS also manages a diverse portfolio of businesses across IT, brands, Wearable Tech, Femtech and fabric parks worldwide.

Weaving technology into apparel

MAS Holdings’ strategic business unit dedicated to innovation was established to ignite more first-in-world concepts through an environment that encourages and nurtured free-thinking.

MAS+ Medical Apparel

It is through this that MAS+ was born.

For the last 3 years, MAS Holdings has been researching the medical and infection control apparel space as well as have been working with top US medical uniform brands to solidify their work in this area. With the COVID-19 pandemic, MAS accelerated their work in this space to see how they could support the heroes on the frontlines in supplying high-quality PPE through their expertise and ability to provide support during these trying times. Through MAS’ deep understanding of next-to-skin apparel applications and expertise in products spanning across the lifestyle, performance and health spaces, MAS+ have developed a full range of globally certified PPE  that is manufactured in their ISO 13485 and GMP certified factories. With MAS Holdings global ecosystem and resilient supply chain which allows them to efficiently scale up operations, MAS+ is ready to solve the COVID 19 PPE crisis and ensure that the world is equipped with certified PPE the way they have been during the pandemic.

Through this, MAS+ is committed to a new journey, stemming 1 degree away from their core business with the vision to innovate the next generation of medical and infection control apparel.

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